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Basin-Wide Water Management Planning Background

Nebraska’s Ground Water Management and Protection Act requires basin-wide planning when an area has been found to be overappropriated (Neb. Rev. Stat. § 46-715; Appendix A). The Upper Platte Basin (Figure 1) was determined to be overappropriated by the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources and therefore a basin-wide plan was adopted in 2009.

Figure 1. Upper Platte Basin Planning Area

During the ten years following adoption of the basin-wide plan, the Department of Natural Resources and natural resources districts are required to conduct a technical analysis to determine the progress toward meeting the goals and objectives of the plan and examine:

  • available supplies and changes in long-term availability,
  • the effects of conservation practices and natural causes, including, but not limited to, drought, and
  • the effects of the plan on reducing the overall difference between current and fully appropriated levels of development (Neb. Rev. Stat. § 46-715(5)(d)(iii)).

Second Increment of the Plan

The second increment will be necessary in order to meet the goals and objectives of the Upper Platte basin-wide plan and to reduce the difference between current and fully appropriated levels of development. Each of the Upper Platte Basin natural resources districts have individual integrated management plans that were adopted in 2009, that must be consistent with the Upper Platte basin-wide plan.

The five Natural Resources Districts in the Upper Platte Basin and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources are working on the 2nd increment of the Basin-wide Water Management Plan. The five NRDs include:

A Public Participation Plan was developed to guide the planning process. Check it out!

Structure of Decision-making – Single Planning Group

The Upper Platte basin-wide planning process includes representatives of all parties (Irrigation districts, reclamation districts, public power and irrigation districts, mutual irrigation companies, canal companies, and municipalities that rely on water from within the affected area) in a Single Planning Group to develop the basin-wide plan.

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For more information about the Upper Platte Basin-Wide Water Management Planning process, please contact Katie Hatfield Edstrom, Project Coordinator at or contact your local Natural Resources District.